Winter Skincare for Dry skin

As the mercury slowly starts to dip, people with dry skin cower behind the safety of winter skin care. The low humidity, the excessively dry air, and the nippy air become symbols of dread, making winter care for dry skin a necessity. Without a proper winter skin care routine for dry skin, one may have complex skin problems like xerosis, flaking, skin cracks, chafing of the lips, etc.

Most of the problems stem from the reduction of natural moisture in the skin. Hence, moisture replenishment becomes a necessity. However, a winter skincare routine for dry skin isn’t just about lathering yourself with anything that adds moisture but using products that rehydrate the skin without being too greasy. Having a good winter care regime for dry skin without being overbearing can be a good start. How would you do that? Read this blog to find out.

Problem people with dry skin face during winter

Before we delve into dry skin treatment in winter, it’s important to form an understanding of the major problems.

Fine lines

The sudden loss of moisture, especially from the skin, leads to the development of fine lines. These are some of the early signs of aging. This problem can be solved by using the best creams for winter dry skin. A winter moisturizer for dry skin can also tackle this issue.

Scaly Skin

This is perhaps the most prevalent dry skin problem in winter. And this is not because of the lack of oil but because of its inability to retain water. Scaly skin leads to frequent irritation and itching, which in turn may translate to eczema, making winter care for dry skin a must.

Chapped Lips

Dry and chapped lips are synonymous with winter. And if you have dry skin, then you are in for a ride. Try to avoid licking your lips frequently and use lip balm. These two can be a cure for dry lips during the winter.


Yes, it is a probability. People with dry skin produce a lesser amount of filaggrin, a protein that hydrates the skin barrier. The low temperature and the chilly winds suck away the moisture, developing deep cracks that bleed.

Top 5 winter skincare tips for dry skin

Winter skincare for dry skin is a combination of changing habits, swapping products, and following simple natural remedies for dry skin in winter. 

Let’s check out the top winter care for dry skin.

Limited showers

Try to avoid long, hot showers during the winter at all costs. Dermatologists around the world concur that hot showers strip your skin of essential oils. Go for short showers with lukewarm water. It is a better winter skincare routine for dry skin. Use RAS’s toner after showering.


Always apply moisturizer after showering. It helps keep your skin hydrated and is an extremely effective dry skin treatment in winter. And if you are looking for a moisturizer, try RAS’s body butter and lotion. We would suggest RAS’s body butter for dry skin.

Functionality over fragrance

Don’t buy products just because of their good fragrance. The general thumb rule is that the better they smell, the more irritating they are for the skin. While buying winter skincare products for dry skin, choose herbal products like that of RAS Bold. They are much easier on the skin.

Protect your hands

While creating winter skincare routines for dry skin, we mainly concentrate on our faces. As a result of which we overlook our hands. Frequent washing (call it “covid fallout”) and exposure to the harsh environment rob the hands of their moisture. Applying moisturizer after washing can be a cure for dry hands in the winter.

Avoid Soap

Soaps with chemicals harm the skin. They can strip it of its natural moisture and make it dry and flaky. Try using bath oils as part of winter care for dry skin.

Winter skin care you must follow if you have dry skin

Listed below is a basic winter skincare routine for dry skin.

Through cleansing

The first thing that you need to do. The dry weather leads to a lot of dead skin cells that slowly accumulate in the skin pores, making them susceptible to breakouts. But at the same time, you should use mild cleansers so that your skin does not lose its vital moisture. Try RAS Bold Coffee, Cinnamon, and Honey Face Wash.


The next step after cleansing. A vital part of the winter skin care routine for dry skin. Exfoliation keeps your skin soft and supple, an essential winter care for dry skin. Try RAS’s 9 herb face scrub. It is soothing.


Having a winter moisturizer for dry skin is never going to be enough. You need to add a toner to your winter skincare routine. A toner helps to hydrate, nourish, and prep the skin to absorb moisture. Ideal winter care ingredient for dry skin.


Appy moisture to your skin when it’s damp, i.e., after showering. Winter moisturizers for dry skin act as a barrier for the skin and protect it from the elements. 

Add a serum

The final step that you can add to your winter skin care routine for dry skin. They are nourishing and treat several skin problems. Try one with hyaluronic acid. PS- We have one. 9 herbs Gel with Hyaluronic acid. Give it a try..

Top 5 home remedies/treatments in case of extremely dry skin during winter

There is nothing as satisfying as a little DIY skin care session. Here are some vital dry skin remedies to follow in winter.

Coconut Oil

A really common dry skin remedy in winter. Coconut’s emollient properties give the skin a smooth texture and keep it hydrated. It is a natural remedy for dry skin in winter. And the best thing about coconut oil is that you can apply it as it is, without adding anything.

Shower right

We have already discussed that a hot shower can be a bit harmful to your skin in winter. Try having short showers with cold water. Also, use gels or oils. It is an effective home remedy for itchy skin in winter.

Have plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water keeps you hydrated and, more importantly, acts as a home remedy for itchy skin in the winter. 


A useful home remedy for a dry face in winter. A humidifier in your living space reduces the dryness in the air. A word of advice, use some indoor plants for this one. After all, we all want a greener tomorrow.

Cover up

The most unstated dry skin care in winter home recipes. Do cover your face and hands this dry season. A little scarf or muffler can actually be counted as a cheeky yet cool home remedy for a dry face in winter.

Wrap up

Now that we are at the end of our blog, let’s conclude with a simple thought. Winter comes with a lot of hardship for those with dry skin. But a properly done winter care routine for dry skin can go a long way toward giving you glowing skin in the coming days.

Till then, TA-TA!


Is winter good for dry skin?

No. You need to be extra careful if you have dry skin because the cold weather sucks away all the moisture from your skin during winter.

Use coconut oil for the face. It is an effective remedy for dry skin during winter.

What is best for dry skin in winter?

Frequent use of moisturizers like body butter or lotion is the most effective dry skin treatment in winter.

What is the main cause of dry skin in winter?

The rapid loss of moisture is the main reason for dry skin in winter.

What should I avoid if I have dry skin?

Eat well and avoid long hot showers.


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