Winter Skincare for oily skin

As the nip in the air slowly intensifies, we reach out for the comforts of warm blankets, cozy mufflers, and, more importantly, moisturizers—people with dry skin scramble to keep their natural skin moisture intact. Let’s say that the struggle becomes real for them. But those with oily skin aren’t any better. Oily skin care in winter becomes a necessity for them. You might say that oily skin is best suited for the winter as it retains more moisture compared to other skin types. But as the chill sets in, the skin becomes drier, leading to an excess production of sebum, which eventually leads to an array of skin problems. As a result, a winter skincare routine for oily skin is a must.

So, without much ado, let’s dive into the nooks and crannies of oily skin care in winter with a focus on home remedies.

Problems our skin faces during winter

The winter season is a prelude to dry, dehydrated and itchy skin. Here are a few problems that make winter skin care routine for oily skin relevant.

Excessive Dry Skin

Dry skin is synonymous with winter. The nip in the air leads to rapid loss of mixture (even for oily skins) and excess secretion from sebaceous glands. This necessitates the need for a winter skin care routine for oily skin.


This is a result of the excess production of skin oil. It leads to blocked skin pores that cause skin breakouts. This makes an oily skin face wash for winter a critical part of the skincare routine.

Greasy skin

Another major problem during winter is for those with oily skin. The excess sebum makes the skin extremely greasy, making parts of it extremely shiny.

Itchy skin

The lack of moisture on the skin causes frequent irritation, making it reddish and uncomfortable. The accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin causes pore blockage. It must be carefully exfoliated, followed by a proper moisturizing routine.

Top 5 Winter Skincare tips for oily skin

Winter skincare routine is a dicey affair for those who have oily skin. Here are 5 helpful tips that you can add to your winter skincare routine for oily skin.

Cleanse regularly

Try cleansing at least twice a day. It helps remove dirt and grime that accumulates on the skin over time. Try using a non-comedogenic face wash as a winter skin care remedy for oily skin. An oily skin face wash for winter reduces excess sebum and unclogs the skin’s pores.

Use Sunscreen

Surprise! Sunscreen is an important winter skin care product for oily skin. Try applying sunscreen for at least 20 minutes before you step out of your house.


Moisturizers and nippy weather go hand in hand. The best moisturizers in winter for oily skin are those with a water base. Because going for an oil-based moisturizer will make the skin greasier and more susceptible to acne.


You can opt for N number of moisturizers or facials for oily skin. But, believe us, you cannot complete your oily skin care in winter without the CTM routine (cleanse, tone, & moisturize). It not only helps you get rid of pollutants but also makes the skin taut and reduces signs of aging.

Eating Healthy

This is a simple yet important tip. Eating healthy is far more effective than using the best winter skincare products for oily skin. Eating and drinking well reduces stress and helps flush out toxins. Oily skin care in winter home remedies includes having leafy greens, nuts, and fruits that give the skin a healthy glow.

Winter Skincare to follow if you have oily skin

Here is a list of skincare routines that you need to follow during winter.


The first thing people with oily skin need to do is exfoliate. This can be done with a gentle herbal moisturizer that doesn’t disrupt the natural moisture balance. Try using RAS’s coffee or charcoal face wash as part of your oily skin care routine in the winter.


The best facial for oily skin during winter helps you remove grime, toxins, and grease from the skin. RAS Natural Body Toner is a good option. It helps to control excess oil and prevent skin breakouts, making it a must-have winter skincare routine for oily skin.


Winter moisturizer for oily skin is an absolute must, even for oily skin. Try herbal moisturizers like RAS body butter or lotion. They are ideal for oily skin care in winter. It’s time to make a winter moisturizer for oily skin a permanent feature of your skincare routine.


Add a herbal face pack or mask along with your best moisturizer in winter for oily skin as part of your care routine. It nourishes the skin overnight and restores a bright complexion.

Spot Treatment

Acne can be a huge problem during the dry season due to the excessive shedding of skin cells. Try using a light serum or a mist.         

Top 5 home remedies for winter

Of all the comforts in the world, there is nothing like home. And same goes for home remedies. Here is a low down of oily skin care in winter home remedies. 

Aloe vera

One of the most versatile skin care products. It is a highly effective winter skincare for acne-prone skin. They not only help to moisturize but also rejuvenate the skin.

Frequent face-wash

Perhaps the most underrated home remedy. People with oily skin should wash their faces at least twice a day. Try using clay or filler earth. They provide the best facial for oily skin in winter.

Blotting paper

It is inexpensive, effective, and can be done easily. Sure, they don’t prevent the excessive secretion from sebaceous glands, but they do remove the excess oil. And that works for oily skin care in winter.


The lactic acid in curd helps reduce the excess production of sebum. It is one of the best moisturizers for acne-prone skin in winter.


Another natural ingredient that should be a part of oily skin care for winter home recipes. It cleanses the skin, tightens the pores on the skin, and keeps it hydrated.

Wrap Up

Now that we are at the end of our decision, let’s sum it up. If you have greasy skin, you must prepare an oily skin care routine in the winter. The dry weather cranks up the sebum production. So, you need to have your A game up your sleeve for the temperate dips and follow the above routine and remedies for clear, healthy skin.

Till then, TA-TA!


Does oily skin need moisturizer in winter?

Yes. The chilly weather increases the oil secretion making the skin greaser. A good moisturizer helps in keeping the skin hydrated while keeping the sebum under control.

Is aloe vera good for oily skin?

Of course. Aloe vera helps in absorbing moisture, without giving a greasy look.

What happens to oily skin in winter?

Oily skin, despite the cold weather, becomes extremely oily during winter.

Is winter good for oily skin?

Yes. More or less. The lower temperature does bring a small amount of relief, still, the sebaceous glands do produce an excess amount of oil that necessitates a winter skincare routine.

What helps acne-prone skin in the winter?

Follow this routine if you have acne-prone skin during winter. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Use gentle cleansers. Exfoliate regularly. Use moisturizers.


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