Face pack or scrub: A Skincare face-off

Our skincare routine starts with our face. A clear and glowing look is on everyone’s bucket list. And two crucial elements in facial skincare are face packs and scrubs. Now the question arises, which one is better, face scrub or pack? Before we get on to this debate, we need to have an understanding of the difference.

Most of us believe that face scrub and pack are more or less the same. Well, that is wrong. A face scrub is used to cleanse the dead skin cells, dirt, and grime off the face, while face packs improve the overall complexion of the face and nourish it. If we move a bit deeper into the debate of scrub vs face pack, differences can be drawn between them based on skin type.

Let’s get onto the main part of this “face-off,” shall we?

Face pack and its benefits

Before we decide which one is better in the debate: face pack vs. face scrub, let’s form an understanding of what they do. We will start with the face pack.

A face pack is something that not only deeply cleanses the skin but also provides vital nutrients that preserve the youthful qualities of the skin. It helps in cleaning out clogged pores and sucking out excess sebum (skin oil). Scrubs and face packs for oily skin prevent the excess secretion of oil, thereby thwarting acne breakouts.

The face pack works well in improving the overall skin health of our faces. The scrubbing actions of face packs improve blood circulation and give the face a natural glow. It helps the skin retain its natural moisture and absorb the other skincare products more efficiently. 

It slows down the signs of aging by fighting the free radicals that dilate the blood vessels, which cause fine lines and wrinkles.

So, between face scrubs and packs, in terms of the long-term effects on the skin, packs are the clear winners.

Face Scrub and its benefits

Face scrubs are THE exfoliators. If you are looking for an answer to the question, which one is a better cleanser, face scrub, or pack? The scrub is the definite answer. According to skin experts, they are effective in sloughing off dead skin cells, and they can target action around dry and rough skin by softening it and allowing it to absorb moisture effectively. They are effective in improving the tone and texture of the skin. One thing should be noted: the best scrub and face pack for dry skin work in tandem. The scrubs soften the dry skin and remove the dead cells. And the scrubs expand the blood cells on the skin, making the skin look lustrous. 

Scrubs and face packs for oily skin work similarly, at least the cleansing part. The scrubs clean off the dead cells and unclog the sebum from the pores, reducing the chance of skin breakouts.

OK, we see that they work well together, but let’s see how face scrub and pack differ from each other.

Face pack vs Face scrub 

Now to the piece de resistance of the article, face pack or scrub, which one you should choose? Read on to find out.


Both scrubs and face packs are effective skin cleansers. Both of them remove dead skin cells and reveal healthier skin. The best scrub and face pack for dry skin improve upon the dull skin tone and make it appear smoother and brighter. But between face pack and scrub, the scrub is the better cleaner. They remove impurities and improve the skin’s ability to absorb other products.

Deeper action

Here is an interesting fact. Our skin generally sheds its cells after 28 days and makes room for newer cells. But sometimes, the dead cells don’t slough off. This is where face packs and scrubs come in. Especially for oily skin. Scrubs and face packs for oily skin remove the dead cells that cause acne. Face packs with Multani Mitti (like RAS’s) are effective in absorbing the excess oil. Give those a try. And of the two, the face pack reaches deep within the epidermis and allows the formula to have a better effect. And it works better on oily and sensitive skin.


The best scrub and face pack for dry skin cleans the impurities and prevents the signs of aging (like neem in RAS’s 9 herbs face scrub, which improves collagen production). But between face pack and scrub, it is scrub that takes the lead. Essential oils and hyaluronic acid in face packs break deep into the skin, hydrating and soothing it from irritation.

We found one thing: between face pack and scrub, the former appears to be a bit more versatile. But the face scrub is still important. How? Let’s sum it up.

End Note

While debating on the topic of scrub vs. face pack, we may have slightly veered off topics like the best scrub and face pack for dry skin or scrubs and face packs for oily skin. But, in that, we found something conclusive. Both complement each other. The face scrubs make the skin more responsive to the deeper action of a face pack. 

The nutrients in both of them make them a must-have in your skincare routine for cleansing and wrinkle reduction. And surely you deserve to pamper yourself with everything nice.


What are the best scrub and face packs for dry skin?

There are several brands of face scrubs and face packs that are suited for dry skin. Try the ones with hyaluronic acid, as it helps in retaining moisture more effectively.

What should we use first, a face pack or scrub?

 Apply a face scrub first. Follow it up with a pack.

Can I use scrub daily?

No. It will damage your skin. Use twice a week.

Is a face pack necessary after scrubbing?

The face pack supplements the skin with moisture and nutrients that gets removed while scrubbing.

Are face packs and scrubs the same?

No. In layman’s terms face scrubs are exfoliators and packs are the items that provide nourishment to the face after cleansing.


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