How to prepare your skin for Durga puja?

As the monsoon bids its farewell, the slivery white Kaashful slowly starts to adorn the fields of Bengal, as fluffy white clouds dot the autumn sky. And the Bengalis (along with Bengalis at heart) begin their preparations for the biggest festival in eastern India: Durga Puja. The festive buying starts months before the puja, but still, once the booming voice of Birendra Kishore Bhadra hits the radio on Mahalaya, we realize there is so much to do and so little time. And we make a mad scramble to get our Durga puja looks done right for the 4-day carnivalesque festival. So, with about 3 weeks left, it’s time to create a puja special skin care routine that perfects the traditional Bengali Durga puja look.

But festive skincare does not mean smearing your face with products laced with chemical toxins, but creating a natural puja skin care routine with herbal products that are light on the skin and give you the perfect Durga puja look. Let’s start.

Prepare your skin for the festive fiesta

It goes without saying that your grooming skin care routine during the puja will be a lot different than the one you practice around the year. Here are some tips that you can use in your festival skincare routine.


Cleansing will take up a big part of your puja skin care routine. And by cleansing, we do not mean bars of soap but herbal facewash (like Ras Bold Herbal’s Charcoal or Coffee facewash). They are soothing to the skin and wash away the dirt and oils that clog the skin pores.

Shore up your Eyecare

“You have beautiful eyes.” Come on, surely you have heard this cheesy line at least once. And no Durga puja look is complete without smoky eyes. Surely you don’t want to go pandal hopping with puffy eyes complete with crow feet. So, incorporate an eye cream into your puja special skin care routine. Why don’t you check out our anti-aging blog for more info?


The Durga puja skin care routine is incomplete without moisturizer. Try to use a humectant moisturizer that can attract and lock moisturizer. Add a lightweight moisturizer to your puja special skin care routine because October can be really humid with a retracting monsoon.

Shield against the sun

Sunscreen is a must for that glowing puja look. It helps in protecting the skin from scorching heat and damage from UV rays. It prevents the skin from aging and is a vital element of skincare for glowing skin.

A toner to atone

The festival skincare is incomplete without a toner. A bit of toner just before going to sleep goes a long way in rejuvenating pores and protecting the skin from breakouts. 

Tips and Tricks for the fab Puja glow

Getting the perfect puja look isn’t rocket science, but a series of well-timed steps. Listed below are a series of ticks that can provide good support to the puja special skin care routine.

  • Drink Water

One of the most natural skin care tips for glowing skin. As you would be thriving on fried foods for a few days, have plenty of water. So that your skin has a youthful glow.

  • Iced up

Use ice cubes to soothe your skin from irritation. It helps to tighten skin pores and prevent skin breakouts and acne in the long run. Try using a bit of rose water with ice; it works as an excellent toner.

  • Eat Right

Now we can’t really ask you to follow a bland diet during puja. Still, we would advise you to have a balanced diet and incorporate multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants as part of your puja special skin care routine. This will keep your skin healthy and supple.

  • Go natural

If you are planning on natural skin care this festive season then the RAS Bold Herbal Puja special skin care routine should be the one for you. Just browse through our product list and get yourself at least the trio of cleanser, toner, & moisturizer.  


Now that we are at the end of our blog, we hope that we have given you some new ideas about puja special skin care and wish you look a million bucks this festive season. Wishing you and your family happy pujas. TA TA !


How to get glowing skin for Durga puja?

To get the glowing Durga puja looks, you need to do more than a CTM routine. Incorporate natural skin care products and eat and drink for a glowing look.

Should we use natural products?

Yes. Natural products are free from harmful chemicals that can damage the skin in the long run.

How to Prepare Your Skin for Durga Puja?

The Puja special skin care treatment includes getting plenty of rest, a balanced diet, and sleeping well with the CTM routine.

Are natural skin care products expensive?

It depends on the brand. Why don’t you try RAS Bold Herbal Puja special skin care products? It’s quite pocket friendly.

Is Ras Bold herbal product good?

Yes, every product is GMO certified and approved by the Ministry of Ayush.


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