Your Guide to Winter Skincare

As India gets ready to celebrate the festival of lights, one cannot help but notice the pleasant nip in the air. The mornings are a bit chilly, the sun a little more merciful, and the nights a lot more comfortable. But all is not hunky dory. Your skin becomes dry & dull, chafing seems to become the order of the day, and don’t even get us started with chapped lips.

Oh! Don’t get so worked up now. All you need is a winter skincare routine. Well-structured winter skincare is all you need to get through the season of dryness unscathed with nothing but beautiful, glowing skin. All you need is some good winter skincare products and you are good to go.

Problems our skin faces during winter

Before we move on to the section where we discuss the best winter skincare routine, it’s essential to discuss the problems you need to be wary of in the coming months.

Dry Skin

Let’s get the big one out of the way first, shall we? Winter means dry skin. The chilly air sucks away the natural moisture from your skin, leaving it dry and dull. The skin gets dotted with dry, itchy patches. These skin patches become points from which the skin loses its natural moisture.


It’s almost like a synonym for dry skin. The dry weather leads to an excessive amount of dead skin cells that get accumulated on the skin, leading to the coagulation of the skin pores and finally skin breakouts. Making winter skincare a necessity.


If you work outside, then you need to be wary of windburn. What’s that you ask? Well, the cold winds of winter irritate the skin, making it flaky and red. Apart from winter skincare products, you need to cover up your exposed body parts to ease the effect of windburn.

Cracked Heels 

A common skin problem that aggravates during the season of chills. The cracks on your heels open up even more due to lack of moisture, adding to the discomfort. A moisturizer or a lotion can be a good winter skincare option for this problem.

Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are probably the first signs of winter. And probably a reminder to start preparing a solid winter skincare routine. The lips have one of the thinnest layers of skin, making it a priority for the winter season skincare routine. 

Top 5 Skincare tips for winter

Now that we are working on how to get glowing skin in winter, here are a few winter skin care tips that can be handy for you.

Opt for a gentle cleanser

Your skin accumulates a lot of dry skin cells, especially during the winter. This accumulation of skin can lead to skin breakouts. To avoid this, you will need a gentle cleanser that does not suck away the natural moisture of your skin. Cleansers with hyaluronic acid can be a good option for winter skin care products, as they help to lock in the natural moisture.

Shower with Lukewarm water

Even when you have prepared the best skin care for winter, it’s the little things that matter. Like showering with lukewarm water. ’cause warm water strips away the essential oils from your skin, leaving it dry.

Moisturise hands regularly

If you are preparing the best winter skincare routine, then you shouldn’t leave out this step. Frequent washing of your hands leaves little or almost no moisture on them. Care should be taken to lock in the natural skin moisture with winter skincare products like body butter or lotion. In extreme cases, use gloves.

Use Sunscreen

Amidst the lotion and cream, one must not overlook the good old sunscreen. It’s a winter skin care tip that almost everyone misses out on. The harmful UV rays penetrate the clouds even during the chilly winter, making it an important part of winter skincare.

Eat well

Probably the most underrated winter skin care tip, but perhaps the most important. People drink a lot less water and fluids, resulting in skin with low moisture content. Also, a balanced diet filled with vitamins and essential fatty acids can work wonders and add to your winter skincare routine for glowing skin.

Winter Skincare routine you must follow

Now to the main part. Winter skincare is not about having the best products but creating a routine to get the best out of them. And it is better to stick to natural skincare products while making your winter skincare routine. And for that, you don’t need to look beyond RAS Bold winter care products.

Get the right products

This is the most important step in your routine. Get your house in order first. Every skin type requires different products for winter skincare. So, choose your skincare product. Also, please refrain from alcohol-based products. The best skincare routine should involve as many natural products as possible.

Clean up real good

Even during the winter, you need to wash your face frequently to clean away dead skin cells clogging your pores. RAS Bold Herbal’s Coffee or Charcoal facewash can be a good option. For the best result, you can use a little milk while rinsing away your face. It helps in retaining moisture.

Staying Hydrated

Try using serums or gels that will lock in natural body moisture. RAS’s hyaluronic gel is a good fit. It restores moisture and prevents the skin from wrinkling up.


During winter, you need to moisturize as frequently as possible. Using a moisturizer with essential oils is necessary, as they help to prevent excessive dryness. Incorporate RAS’s body lotion and body butter into your winter skincare routine. It will help. 

Masks are must

Another great winter skincare routine can be the use of face masks. They can be part of your winter night skincare routine. Just apply your natural face pack to your face. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash it away with water. You can start with RAS’s 9-herb face pack. It is a good fit for your winter night skincare routine.

Massage for the skin

Another winter skincare routine for glowing skin. Massage your skin daily after cleansing and exfoliation. Try using coconut or argan oil. Or you can even use RAS’s natural toner. 

Final word

Now that we are at the end of our winter skin care blog, it’s time to sum things up quickly. A winter skincare care routine for glowing skin is necessary to prevent dry skin. And herbal products are the way forward as they generally work on most skin types. Our suggestion: start early & stay ahead of the curve. And maintain these winter skincare tips for the best results. And more importantly, choose AS Bold winter care products.

Till then, TA-TA.


What is the skincare routine for winter?

The best skincare routine would be frequent cleansing of the skin with herbal cleaner, followed by the use of body butter and lotion to keep the moisture intact.

How can I retain my skin glow this winter?

Drink plenty of fluids. Moisturize your skin. And stay away from hot showers.

What are the top winter skincare products?

You need to have a good cleanser, moisturizer, and a face pack. Try RAS Bold winter care products.

What is the best body lotion for winter for oily skin?

Try using a body lotion that is comparatively light and does not clog skin pores.

How can I improve my skin in winter?

You most certainly can protect your skin by following a well-structured winter skincare routine. Start early. Consult a dermatologist for your winter skincare and see what skin products suit you.


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