Skincare routine for sensitive skin

Tired of the itchy, stingy bumps that prickle throughout the day and leave you with a reddish hue that sticks around like chewing gum underneath your shoe? Chances are you have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is a condition where the skin reacts to the tiniest of things. Most often, skin sensitivity is mistaken for allergies or acne. As a result of this, people proceed with skincare, which flares up the problem. A sensitive skincare routine calls for a far more delicate effort. It is not solved by buying just a face cream for sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin need to figure out what is causing such problems and plan out the sensitive skincare products best suited for them.

Sensitive skin can be a result of various factors, such as pollution, unhealthy eating habits, or in some cases, genetics. But still, with the help of a sensitive skincare routine, we can keep the irritations at bay, keeping the skin healthy and nourished. How? Just follow this blog for some exciting sensitive skin care tips and you will be on your way.

Top Skin care tips for Sensitive skin

When you are planning a sensitive skin care routine for sensitive skin, you need something extensive that covers every aspect. And this doesn’t mean winding up the best sensitive skin care products (like a face cream for sensitive skin) but a clear-cut routine.

  • Keep it simple

Keep one thing in mind; sensitive skin reacts vividly to some ingredients. So instead of overstuffing the routine, find the best products suited for sensitive skin. 

  • Cleanse

This can be one of the basic tips for your sensitive skin care routine. Use cold water to clean your skin. Make use of your fingers, brushes, or wet wipes. For better results, use a gentle face wash for sensitive skin. Remember not to overdo this step, as it can lead to excessive dryness, which can lead to breakouts.

  • Keep it moisturized

Light moisturizers are one of the best products for sensitive skin. They help in keeping the skin moistened and hydrated. Moisturiser for sensitive skin is effective in preventing skin breakouts and keeps the skin puffy & supple.

  • Safeguard against the sun

The use of sunscreen is one of the major facets of sensitive skincare. Sunscreen protects your skin from UV rays and reduces sunburn irritation. So, throw in an SPF 30 along with your face cream for sensitive skin.

  • Protection against Pollution

Pollution or other toxic elements often irritate the skin and leave reddish spots that are hard to get rid of. So, a pair of wet wipes are ideal to wash away the grime of the skin and keep it fresh.

  • Cool off

Extreme heat can irritate sensitive skin. So, try to avoid hot water or showers. Use a wet towel as a part of your sensitive skincare routine. Rub your face with ice if it’s hot outside. 

  • Use Serum

Serum forms an integral part of the skincare routine for sensitive acne-prone skin. They keep the skin hydrated and remove acne scars effectively. Pair them with a face cream for sensitive skin and see the difference in results. A word to the wise, use the serum on your arm before your face, just to gauge the reaction.

Best skincare product for sensitive skin

When you are going to proctor the best sensitive skincare routine, it’s better to make a list of products that are best suited for your skin. Sensitive skin products need to be selected in such a way that they do not react aggressively to the skin. We know it’s tough, but still, let’s get a rough idea of products that might work.

Face Wash


Cleansers are the magic potions that help you get squeaky clean skin. A herbal face wash like Ras Coffee face wash or Charcoal face wash, deeply cleans and nourishes the skin, gently. Which is perfect for sensitive skin. Thus, it is handy to keep a good herbal face wash on hand just before you use face cream for sensitive skin.



If you ask any expert for the best sensitive skin care tips, they will have a toner somewhere right up the line. The toner is something that acts as a barrier and protects the skin. It is one of the best acne treatments for sensitive skin as it helps in maintaining the skin’s pH level and prevents irritation. Toner with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera gel (you know the one Ras Bold has) works wonders for sensitive skin with its soothing effects.



Natural or herbal moisturisers can effectively provide the skin with nourishment and hydration. Moisturier for sensitive skin improves collagen production, strengthening the skin barrier. So, next time you look for a face cream for sensitive skin, do look for a lightweight moisturiser.

Face Cream


Face cream or serum helps in keeping the skin healthy and helps in skin regeneration with an improved cellular turnover rate. Face cream for sensitive skin removes the dead skin cells and replaces them with healthier & younger-looking skin.

Now that we are almost at the end of our blog, it’s time to summarize. Sensitive skin requires special skin care that must be carefully thought out. Sensitive skin products must be selected in such a way that they actually work with the present skin condition. Try to use herbal products; they are easier on the skin, like Ras Bold Sensitive Skincare. It’s easier on the skin and also on the pocket. Not convinced? Check out our product category.

Until then, tata!


What are the best face cream for sensitive skin?

Try using face creams that are lightweight and have antioxidants and help in cell regeneration.

What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is the one that turns red, coupled with itchiness at the slightest of conditions.

What is the best acne treatment for sensitive skin?

Products with retinol work best for acne-prone sensitive skin.

What are the best skincare product for sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, it would be ideal to use natural or herbal products. Since we are talking natural, why don’t you try Ras Bold Sensitive Skincare?

Can sensitive skin use hyaluronic acid?

Yes, hyaluronic acid is safe for sensitive skin.


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