How To Remove Face Tan At Home

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Do you want to remove the tan from your face? If yes, you need a quality face pack or face product to remove the face tan at home. Most of us face tan problems with our growing age.  Now, the question is how to remove face tan at home.

You must restrict the use of soap and increase the use of face scrub to reduce the tan from your face. Exfoliating facewashes will help you to remove all the dead skin cells and dirt from your face.

You must try tan removal remedies at home to get a glowy and younger-looking attractive skin tone. Try Ras products to remove the tan from your skin.

How Do We Get Tan On Face?  

There are several reasons which are responsible for getting a tan on our face. Some of the core reasons behind it are as follows:-  

  • When we get exposed to UV A rays of the sun then our skin starts to get tan. UV A rays are one of the dangerous rays that are responsible for skin tanning. UVA rays can penetrate the deeper layers of your skin thus it adds to skin damage. Melanocyte cells start to release melanin and it is the reason it creates the dark, brown color of your skin.
  • UV B rays most of the time harm the upper layer of the skin. The UVB  rays do not trigger the melanocytes but it damages the DNA and triggers the chances of skin tan.
  • The UV C rays further penetrate different layers of the skin. It triggers the melanocytes to produce an excess amount of melanin thus causing skin darkening, tanning, and skin damage.
  • Excess dirt and exposure to pollution also cause skin tanning on your face. You must try out the best remedy to get out of this problem.

How To Remove Face Tan At Home Naturally?

You can make use of the Ras Facial scrub products to remove the tan from your face. Some of the core benefits of using Face scrub. You can opt for some of the home remedies that can reduce your face tan to a great extent. Let’s find out those remedies that can assist you in the same pattern.

1. Use Saffron


Saffron provides protection to your skin from The UV rays of the sun. It acts as a natural sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It comprises tan-lightening and skin-lightening properties in it.

2. Green Tea


Most of the time green tea offers a protective shield against skin damage that is caused due to ultraviolet exposure to the sun. You can use it on your skin as a matter of facemask if you want to get good results.

3. Grape Seeds


Most of the time grape seeds are composed of vitamin C and vitamin E and it reduces the chances of melanin formation in your skin to reduce the scope of skin tan. How to remove face tan at home? You will get the answer to it once you use the grape seed.

4. Coffee


You can apply coffee to your skin using the homemade face mask. It can reduce the chances of skin tan to a great extent. You can also consume coffee to protect your face from sun damage to your skin.

5. Liquorice Root


Liquorice root is one of the best products for your skin lightening. It comprises various cosmetic formulations. It also reduces the overproduction of melanin in your skin tone. You can make liquorice root powder in your home and add them to your face pack.

How To Apply?

You can apply the face pack or the face scrub to your skin with some of the home remedies to reduce the chances of tanning on your face.

Step -1- You can moisten your face.

Step -2- You can make use of the coin-size portion of the face scrubber cream and it will lather up.

Step -3- You can make it for the application to your face.
Step -4- With minimum pressure, you can easily rinse away with water.

Step -5- If you want to get the full potential for the face scrub toner you can make use of the Rasbold and facial scrub toner.

How Does It Work?

Face scrub can make use of it on your skin gently and can apply it with a proper facemask to reduce the chances of pigmentation with ease. Gradually it reduces the melanin formation on your skin tone. Thus ultimately it will reduce the melanin formation on your skin.

Pro Tips  

You can apply some of the pro tips that can assist you to reach your aims with complete ease.

  • Apply 9 herbs face scrub to your face skin.
  • You can also apply charcoal face wash to your skin to remove the tan from it.
  • Coffee, Cinnamon, and honey face wash.

FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Face Scrub Is Suitable For Which Skin Type?  

Face scrubs are best for dry skin types in most cases. You must use it on your skin after proper consultation. 

2. Does Tanning Offers Protection From Sun Damage?

No!! Tanning offers protection to your skin from the chances of sun damage.

3. Are There Health Risks Associated With Skin Tanning?

Several health risks are associated with tanning like premature aging, skin cancer, and eye damage.

4. Can We Use Face Scrub Daily?

Yes!! You can use the face scrub daily but with some natural ones.

5. What Is The Importance Of  GMP Certification?

GMP certification clearly implies that all the products are quality tested. You must follow the process that can make things work perfectly.


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