Pamper Yourself With Herbal Products This Festive Season.

Durga Puja is a time to celebrate with near and dear ones; soak in the festive atmosphere; enjoy the glitz and glamour of the themed pandals and beautiful idols. It is a festival depicting Feminine power, fashion and beauty. So, just imagine adorning those beautiful dresses on dry and rough skin, coupled with hair which looks so unhealthy. Not done right?!!

                                               It is the season to look stunning! So that women this time can keep their focus on clothing and accessories, we at RAS BOLD decided to take care of the skin and hair and give you the Sense of Ownness. We have rounded up a few tips that are perfect for the season. If you are wondering how to doll up your look, you will find all the answers here. So with no further palaver, take a peek below.

Skincare – The first step to a gorgeous look, is great skin! Beauty products using chemicals are detrimental to the skin of an individual. Therefore, switch over to Herbal products for your skin. They come with no side effects and hence they cause no harm to the skin. Ras Bold Herbal soaps contain the natural goodness of nature, and this makes them nourishing for your skin.It will neither cause skin eruptions nor clog pores on your skin. It offers comfort, healing and stress relief as well. While you want to wash each and every pore to get rid of the dirt, dust, grime and makeup, you certainly wouldn’t want to strip the skin of its natural moisture, oils and maintain its natural pH balance too. Keep that skin clean and fresh at all times with Ras Bold Herbal face wash. This will give your skin a natural glow and help that makeup set better.

Haircare – During the festive period your hair goes through a lot. Be it the hairstyling products or the sweat and grime post the pandal visit, your hair is a mess by the end of the day. There is a simple hair care tip that can go a long way to keep your tresses healthy and gorgeous. Ras Bold 9 Herbs oil is a perfect solution for your frizzy and dull hair. A good scalp massage will make sure that you stimulate your scalp which results in less dryness of the scalp .Use a specially formulated Ras Bold Hair Cleanser to hydrate your hair and restore the scalp moisture barrier intact to give a shiny and healthy look and also prevent scalp dryness. Too much hair styling during the festive season makes your hair become dry and brittle. You might rigorously keep your skin moisturized, but it is also necessary to keep your hair moisturized to combat dryness and to keep them looking soft and bouncy.  Use a Ras Bold Hair Conditioner  and let the magic work. Gone are the days when you wince in pain as the brush gets snagged on yet ANOTHER knot. Long haired beauties…this conditioner is your bestie.

Conclusion – These tips for skin and hair care during Durga puja will ensure that amidst fun and joy, your skin and hair receives its everyday quota of nourishment and is pampered all through the five days of celebration. So, try these out, this Durga puja. Spanning the breadth of the beauty and wellness segment, RAS BOLD has a wide array of proprietary products suited for individuals with different needs to give the “sense of ownness”. We have received rave reviews from our customers. Be sure to check those out.


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