Rasbold Powder Pack


Every time you step outdoors, you expose your face to the harsh elements that just suck the life from your skin, making it dull and acne prone. Sure, you might be thinking of a cleanser. It’s a good option, but you must lap it up with a moisturizer. But we were thinking of something more radical, like a face pack. It is a skincare product that you can easily apply to your face for a short period of time and wash off. Now you must be wondering how it is different. Well, the punchline is that a face pack, apart from unclogging the pores, helps the skin stay hydrated for a longer time. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the face pack benefits.

In the coming segments, we will try to put light on how the various face pack ingredients can truly add a new perspective to your skincare routine, the skin types that would benefit the most from a natural face pack (spoiler warning: almost everyone), and many more. Let’s crack on then.

Benefits of using a face pack

Boosting your skincare routine with a natural face pack can work wonders. How? Here are a few pointers.

●    Deep Clean

The main reason. A face pack helps you clean your skin thoroughly. Period. The best face packs not only remove dirt and grime from your face but, also remove impurities that hide beneath the epidermis.

●    Clear out pores

Now if you are constantly using skincare products, there are chances of your skin pores getting clogged due to excessive build-up of residue or oil (sebum). In this case, a clay-based natural face pack can help. Clay helps in absorbing the excess grime that accumulates and prevents breakouts. And if you ask for our choice, try using a Multani mitti face pack.

●    Relax

Perhaps the most underrated face pack benefit. The best face mask not only helps you get flawless, glowing skin but also helps you relax. Just a small indulgence of a face pack is enough to rejuvenate your face and mind after a long, tiring day.

●    Bright Skin

They are mighty effective in improving blood circulation. The natural herbs breathe new life into the dry skin and enhance its elasticity, reducing the signs of aging. The herbs are also effective in removing age spots and give the face a youthful glow.

●    Easy to Use

And they are really easy to use. You don’t have to go through any fancy prep. Just mix with the proper media and you are good to go.

Key Ingredients

In the search for the best face pack for glowing skin, it is important to get a lowdown on the top ingredients that make a difference.

●    Multani Mitti

If you are looking for a face pack for pimples, try the ones with Multani mitti Multani mitti face packs are highly effective in cleaning the skin of oils and dirt. It helps in balancing the skin’s pH and tightens it, reducing signs of aging.

●    Haldi

Haldi when infused with Multani mitti face pack works double time against preventing skin breakouts like acne. Turmeric also plays a vital role in evening out skin tone, calming allergies and redness if any.

●    Neem

If you want a tan-removal face pack, try one with neem extracts. Face packs with neem extracts reduce melanin production and help tone down dark spots and blemishes.

●    Ashwagandha

The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of ashwagandha helps to fend off harmful elements and impurities. Face packs with ashwagandha improve the collagen level of the skin, ironing out fine lines, wrinkles, or blemishes.

●    Daruharidra

It is an important face pack ingredient that can fend off skin inflammation. When clubbed with other natural ingredients like Haldi, neem, or Multani mitti, it can go on overdrive as a face pack effective for pimples.

●    Sandal Wood

A key ingredient in skin care. Sandalwood fights the harmful radicals that can cause pimples and other skin breakouts. Sandalwood is effective as a tan removal face pack as it contains skin-lightening elements that can curb the excess production of melanin and give you a glowing look.

●    Manjistha

Manjistha is another natural skin care ingredient that effectively improves blood circulation, giving skin its youthful glow. It improves the complexion and gives the skin an even tone.

●    Amla

Amla and its richness in collagen-producing vitamins make it an ideal ingredient for face packs that can reduce the signs of aging. Also, the anti-oxidants in alma take it a notch higher in fighting fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin tighter. And being a natural cleanser of dead skin cells, they make some of the best face packs for glowing skin.

●    Rose

It helps the skin stay hydrated. Rose extracts help lock in the skin’s moisture and give a refreshing sensation to the skin, besides soothing scars and inflammation.

How to use it?

Getting a face pack for glowing skin is just the half battle won. Let’s get a proper idea about how best to use it and bring out its true potential.

  • Wash your face with an organic cleanser
  • Mix your herbal face pack with curd or Ras Bold Herbal toner and apply it to your face.
  • Apply it to every nook and corner.
  • Keep it for 10-15 mins.
  • Wash away with water. (Either lukewarm or cold water will do).

Who should use it?

Okay, if you are reading this line, then we can safely say that you are interested in adding the Multani mitti face to your skincare routine. But before that, let’s see who will benefit the most.

●    Acne Prone

Multani mitti face packs are extremely good for those who have oily skin. It effectively cleans off grease and absorbs the excess oil, preventing breakouts. These herbal face packs help in unclogging pores, thereby preventing acne in the long run.

●    Stay outdoor

Most of the best face packs are suitable for those who spend most of their time outdoors. Natural face packs are effective in fighting skin tans by reducing the level of melanin.

●    Signs of Aging

People who are showing early signs of aging should begin their tryst with Multani mitti face packs. They stimulate the flow of oxygen in the skin and reduce dark circles and fine lines. The hardening clay also tightens the skin and prevents it from going lax.

Why Ras?

But still, you must be thinking of all the products. Why opt for RAS’s 9 herb face pack? Is it just because our face pack price is a bit lower? Surely that’s one reason, but there are more. Read on then.

●    100% Natural

Every Ras product, including the 9 herb face pack, is completely natural. They are prepared using natural ingredients, under the expertise of seasoned ayurvedic doctors and practitioners. 

●    Completely herbal

Each ingredient of our herbal products is completely sourced from plants and is completely cruelty-free. They are dermatologically tested and free of chemicals.

Now that we are at the end of this product description, there is only one thing left for you. Go to the add-to-cart option and order your face pack now. 

Still here, ok why don’t you check out the FAQs?


Q. Are good are Ras’s products?

A. Each of Ras’s products is completely natural and GMP certified. The ingredients and production process has been approved by the Ministry of Ayush.  

Q. When should we apply the face pack?

A. It’s best to use the face pack before going to bed or at least when you are relaxing.

Q. Should I use a face pack daily?

A. No, use them once to thrice a week.     

Q. What are the face pack prices?

A. Different brands charge differently depending on the ingredients and brand value. But we have kept the prices competitive and pocket friendly. 

Q. Which mask gives an instant glow?

A. Try ones with turmeric, Multani mitti or Chandan. P.S. Ras 9 herbal face pack has all three.