RAS BOLD Natural Toner has the richness of 9 high-quality herbs for advanced skin care solutions. The Toner contains natural ingredients which keep the skin healthy and gives a ph balanced skin. This product is Alcohol, Silicone, Artificial Colour and Paraben Free and does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals. It helps to keep the skin hydrated and smooth and also helps to reduce acne, fungal infections and pimples.

A toner is perhaps the most underappreciated ingredient in your daily skincare routine. Often neglected in the razzle & dazzle of cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, make-up, and many more, natural skin toners can work wonders for your face. Natural toner for the face is essential as it helps in absorbing other skin care products like serums, moisturizers, and other treatments.

The best natural toners for the face are infused with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, neem, cucumber, rose oil, and many more that are super effective in soothing irritated skin. The toner ingredients, especially herbal ones, help maintain a suitable skin pH level. Other face toner benefits include removing excess grime, dirt, and residual make-up from the face and keeping the skin supple.

So, in the coming segment, we will discuss the benefits of natural toner on the face and how it truly adds value to other skin care products while keeping the face fresh and supple. Let’s crack on.

Benefits of using toner

Wondering why the best natural toner for the face should be part of your skin care routine? Well, listed below are a few top reasons for you to change your mind.

●     Skin Soother

Skin never lies. If the skin is under stress, redness and irritation are bound to creep in. This is where natural skin toner comes in. It helps in nourishing the skin and calms it from discomfort.

●     Refreshes skin

Who doesn’t like a sprinkle of cool water on a sultry summer afternoon? How about we take it up a notch with a natural toner for the face? Natural toner (like Ras Bold Natural Toner) refreshes & hydrates the skin immediately. Other face toner benefits include tightening skin pores and reducing signs of aging.

●     Locks in moisture

One of the significant face toner benefits includes hydration of the skin. Natural toners for the face are enriched with ingredients that help in binding the moisture a little longer to the skin.

●     Protects skin

Toners are highly effective in protecting the skin from external elements. One can use toner to prevent acne. It shields the skin from pollutants and keeps skin breakouts at bay.

●     Shield against sun

Toner with aloe vera is adept at protecting the skin from sunburns and is effective against tanning.

Top Ingredients

Choosing the best natural toner for your face can be a tough proposition if you are not well acquainted with the ingredients that make it work wonders. Here are some of the toner ingredients that you should look out for.

●     Aloe vera

It is probably the most common yet versatile element in skin care. Aloe vera is a toner ingredient that aids in the prevention of sunburn and tan. Toner with aloe vera has a calming effect on the skin, deeply hydrating it in the process.

●     Neem

Toner with aloe vera, when coupled with neem extracts not only moisturizes the skin but also wash away grime and harmful pollutants. Neem with its antibacterial & antifungal properties is effective in soothing skin and preventing acne & blackheads.

●     Tulsi

Tulsi, being a natural toner, helps in removing the excess sebum (oil) from the skin. It helps to unclog the skin pores and reduces the chances of skin breakouts. 

●     Rose oil

It is used in toners to prevent acne. How? Rose oil reduces the production of sebum, the major cause of acne. Besides, it helps in tightening skin pores and restoring the skin’s pH value.

●     Cucumber

If you are looking for a toner to prevent acne, try finding one with cucumber extracts. Cucumber balances the skin pH and reduces bacterial growth, preventing breakouts. Also, natural skin toner with cucumber helps to calm your skin from damage caused by the elements.

●     Papaya

Papaya is a vital skincare ingredient. Papaya helps in dissolving dead skin cells and gives the skin an enriched glowing look. Also, natural toner for the face with papaya extracts helps to cleanse the skin and make it look supple.

●     Pumpkin

Pumpkin, being rich in glycolic & lactic acid, helps to slough away dead skin cells and stimulate cell turnover. Also, natural toner for the face with pumpkin extracts helps skin to heal and reduces the signs of aging.

●     Green Tea

Green tea is the harbinger of good health. Be it for your body or your skin. Apart from refreshing skin & reducing sebum, it helps to heal scars and acne spots. And don’t worry about the side effects of toner on your face. Green tea as a skincare ingredient is completely safe.

●     Honey

Toner infused with honey is excellent for evening out skin tone and enhancing the skin’s complexion. It reduces excess oil from the skin and helps retain natural moisture.

●     Manjistha

Manjistha, being anti-inflammatory helps in soothing irritations such as skin ulcers, redness & acne. Other face toner benefits with Manjistha include reducing acne-causing bacteria and lightening up dark spots.

●     Vitamin C

Natural toner with vitamin C is excellent in hydrating skin, stimulating collagen, toning down hyperpigmentation, & many more.

How to use

So far, we have been fiddling with the question are toners important? But having a good toner is one thing and proper usage is another ball game. Listed below are the steps to get the best mileage out of toners.

  • Wash your face with a natural cleanser. Use cold water for this. 
  • Dry off with a soft towel.
  • Put the natural toner for face on a cotton ball (don’t oversoak) and apply it gently to your face.
  • Wait a minute for it to dry.
  • Apply the skincare product.
  • For best results, use it twice daily.

Who should use it?

Here is a list of people who should make toner part of their daily skin care routine.

●     Oily skin

People with oily skin should have toner as part of their skin care routine. It helps in cleaning out the pores and reduces the excessive production of sebum.

●     Acne-prone

As it prevents excess oil on the skin, it is super effective in preventing skin breakouts and also helps in reducing spots on the skin.

●     Make-up obsessed

It’s ideal for people who do heavy makeup. Natural toner for the face is effective in removing makeup and does not let it clog up the pores and allows the skin to “breathe” easily.

●     Just about everyone

Yes, it’s that simple. Natural toners are this universal. Use them daily if you want to reap the full potential of your other skin products.

Why RAS?

Now that we have more or settled the question of “are toners important”, let’s see why RAS Bold herbal is a good fit for you.

●     Completely herbal

Each of RAS’s products, including RAS Bold Natural Toner for the face, is completely herbal and has been prepared by Ayurvedic experts with the ingredients & process approved by the Ministry of Ayush.

●     Vegan

Each ingredient of RAS bold natural toner is sourced from plants and is completely cruelty-free. 

●     Pocket friendly

Our products have been priced in such a way that it remains available to each customer. After all, it’s your right to look like a million bucks. 

Now that we are at the end of our product description, let’s just say one thing, in order to get the best out of your CTM routine, you need a good toner. And you know where you can get a good one. Just click on the add to cart. 

Till then, TA TA!


Q. Are toners important?

A. Yes. They help your skin absorb the ingredients from other skin products.

Q. Are toners with aloe vera good?

A. Of course. It not only helps soothe skin but deeply cleanses it so that there are no skin breakouts.

Q. Can toner reduce acne?

A. Yes. Toner helps in removing excess skin oil and pollutants from the skin that can cause acne.

Q. Are RAS’s products good?

A. RAS’s products are made from natural ingredients and are dermatologically tested and GMP certified.

Q. When should we apply toner?

A. After cleansing. Apply at least twice a day.