RAS BOLD Hair Lotion has the richness of 9 high-quality herbs for advanced hair care solutions. The Lotion contains natural ingredients like Amino Protein, Nicotinamide which keep the hair healthy and gives it a natural shine. This product is Silicone, Colour Sulphate and Paraben Free and does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals. It takes complete care of dry and oily hairs. This product gives your hair a shine which you can get from Veg Keratin Treatment. This is a pure herbal product.

Ever felt jealous of the perfect hair of models from a shampoo commercial? Wondering how on earth their locks look so luscious while yours look like a pack of straws. A simple explanation: movie magic. And if you are looking for this type of hair, try a hair lotion. It is a lotion that helps to moisturize the dry scalp, nourishing the hair and making it more manageable. The hair growth lotions act as elixirs that make the hair stay, or rather grow, on the scalp for a bit longer, preventing hair loss. Other hair lotion benefits include reduced dandruff, strengthening of hair, and, more importantly, the option to leave your hair open. The hair lotion ingredients, such as Amla, Aloe, neem, and many more, have been picked in such a way that they provide all-around protection against several hair problems. In the upcoming section, we will dig deeper into understanding the importance of a hair lotion in your haircare routine and why RAS bold hair lotion is a good fit for you.

Benefits of hair lotion

The lotions are more than just a nourishing cream for hair. Let’s get a low down on the hair lotion benefits, shall we?

●     Get rid of dandruff

It can function as an anti-dandruff lotion. It helps to improve the moisture content of the scalp while maintaining the natural oil balance and reduces the occurrence of dandruff flakes. 

●     Promotes hair growth

Apart from being an anti-dandruff lotion, it also improves blood circulation in the scalp, tightens hair follicles, and acts as an anti-hair fall lotion.

●     Keeps the natural color and flair

While choosing a new hair lotion, you must select one with natural ingredients. The natural ingredients not only keep the hair luscious but also, protect its natural tone and enhance its appearance.

●     Reduces baldness

Hair growth lotions work wonders against pattern baldness. The hair lotion, in this case, supplies nutrients to the roots of the hair and prolongs the anagen phase. The hair growth lotions are also effective for post-menopausal hair loss.

Key Ingredients

The next time you visit the departmental store to buy a new hair lotion, you need to be sure of its ingredients. Here are a few ingredients that make up for a good hair lotion.

●     Aloe Vera

Aloe vera hair lotions are perfect for strengthening the hair shafts and removing excess sebum. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties prevent a condition called seborrheic dermatitis. Quite simply, hair lotion with aloe vera prevents dandruff. Apart from being an anti-dandruff lotion, it makes the hair smoother and makes hair less prone to breakage & split ends.

●     Amla

Amla is another natural ingredient that you should look for while buying your next hair lotion. Oil extracted from amla is excellent for removing dandruff and improving overall hair health. Recent studies have shown that the oil is hydrating and can moisturize dry scalps.

●     Neem

If you are worried about grey hairs, try a hair lotion with neem extracts. Apart from this, neem is rich in vitamin E and helps to regenerate skin cells and promote hair growth, working as a hair growth lotion.

●     Methi

Methi, or fenugreek seeds, works wonders on thinning hair. This ingredient is extremely rich in iron and protein, two elements most needed for hair growth.

●     Jatamanshi

Another hair lotion ingredient that prevents the loss of hair is Jatamanshi. This lotion for the scalp prevents the loss of hair and removes excessive dryness that leads to flaky dandruff.

●     Bhringraj

It is an excellent natural ingredient for overall scalp health. Bhringraj oil is excellent in preventing infection and preventing hair fall and pattern baldness. When used as a hair growth lotion, Bhringraj improves the circulation of blood around hair roots and rejuvenates the growth of hair.

●     Jaba

Hibiscus, or jaba, is another natural ingredient you must look for while buying your next hair lotion. It helps to deeply condition the hair and stimulate its growth. It helps to regenerate hair from dormant follicles and prevents bald patches.

●     Shikakai

Its richness in vitamins and antioxidants gives a natural luster to the hair. Being a cooling agent, it soothes the scalp, reducing inflammation. It also helps to detangle your hair gently, making it ideal for hair lotion for damaged hair.

●     Amino Protein

They are responsible for hair strength & structure. They help to fill up the gaps in the hair surface and strengthen the hair shaft.

●     Nicotinamide

Nicotinamide, being rich in vitamin B3, promotes healthier and luscious hair. When used in hair lotion, it improves the nutrient content around the follicles, paving the way for healthier hair.

How to use it?

Let’s find the best way to utilize the full potential of lotion for the scalp shall we?

  • First, shampoo thoroughly. Dry your hair (almost).
  • Put a pea-size hair lotion in your hand and apply it through the length of your hair.
  • Use your fingertips.

P.S: If you are using it before showering apply it like hair oil.

Who should use it?

Well, lotion for hair is something that anyone can use. Why? Here are a few reasons.

●     Protection from the elements

Those who are continuously working outside should take up the lotion. It helps in returning vital nutrients to the hair follicles and replenishes the keratin in hair.

●     Fighting Baldness

The anti-dandruff lotion can be excellent for those who are fighting baldness. Because too much itching damages the scalp, leading to follicular scarring and hair thinning.

●     People with frizzy hair

If you have split ends, hair lotion may be an option. When enriched with natural ingredients, they infuse hair with nutrients, strengthening it from split ends and curly hair.


Now, let’s come to the important part. Which brand should you opt for while buying your next hair lotion? Well if you are looking for a natural product (which you should be)then RAS bold hair lotion can be a good fit for you.

●     100% Natural

Each of our products, including the RAS bold hair lotion, is completely made with natural ingredients, making them a bit easier on the skin.

●     Vegan

Our products are completely herbal and cruelty-free. Each of the ingredients and processes of production has been carefully chosen by Ayurvedic experts and approved by the Ministry of Ayush.

●     Pocket friendly

And finally, we try to keep our products pocket friendly so that you don’t feel the extra pinch while buying them.

Wrapping up

Well, let’s say one thing. If you care for your hair, then you should start using hair lotion. Still, if you want to be extra sure, do consult your dermatologist. 

Till then, TA TA!


Still here? Okay, we have some common FAQs for you.



Q. What does hair lotion do?

A. Hair lotion moisturizes hair, conditions them, and makes them more manageable.

Q. Should we apply hair lotion daily?

A. No. Try using them twice a week.

Q. Should we use hair lotion on wet hair?

A. Try to dry first. Using it on wet hair removes a large part of it, reducing its potential.

Q. Are RAS’s product good?

A. Yes. Every RAS Bold product is completely herbal and is GMP certified (a hallmark for quality)

Q. Which is the best lotion for hair?

A. It’s hard to put a finger on the best lotion for hair. But it will be better if you start with herbal products.