Charcoal Combo

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Charcoal: Ras Bold Charcoal Combo is comprised of Ras Bold Charcoal Soap and Ras Bold Charcoal Face Wash. Both the products are made with Paraben and Sulphate free formula, which helps to extract dirt, toxins, microbes and dead cells from your skin. It helps to give your skin a healthy and glowing look and also minimizes everyday skin damage from environmental pollutants.

Tired of the dust and grime latching onto your skin? Well, you need to look for a radical solution that helps you look like a million bucks with just a little bit of effort. How? Simple, just add charcoal skincare to your routine. Charcoal is exceptional for deep cleansing and helps remove impurities deep within the pores. Other charcoal skin benefits include the reduction of blemishes and acne, improvement of skin tone, and more importantly, soaking up excess sebum or skin oil. And, is ideal for people with oily skin. Now, if we are talking about routine, we would need more than one product. We would need a skincare combo, or rather, a charcoal combo. And the best way to get there is with a combo of charcoal facewash and charcoal soap. How? For that, you need to read on.

Charcoal soap benefits

Of the various charcoal skin care products, charcoal soap may well be the most common one. The following are some of the charcoal soaps benefits.

●     Exfoliates skin

The most important function of any charcoal soap. It helps to gently exfoliate the skin by freeing it from grime and dead skin cells.

●     Absorbs excess oil

Charcoal soap is one of the most effective skincare products for removing excess oil from the pores of the skin and providing an even skin tone. 

●     Prevent Skin breakout

Another major charcoal soap benefit is that it helps reduce skin breakouts. Activated charcoal, the chief charcoal soap ingredient, sucks away the toxins from the skin, diminishing the chances of acne. And reduced acne means fewer marks and better skin texture.

●     Calm skin

Charcoal soaps have good antimicrobial properties that make them a good defense against bacterial infection and have a calming effect on the skin.

●     Improves complexion

Another important benefit of charcoal soap is that it helps reduce the skin’s redness. Charcoal skincare supports the removal of dark spots. Well, not directly, but it helps improve the efficiency of other skincare products that target dark spots and improve the skin’s complexion.

Key Charcoal Soap Ingredients

Before you go off to buy a charcoal soap, you should have a good idea about its ingredients and the benefits it will have on the skin. Here are some of the ingredients that make RAS’s Charcoal soap a must-have for Charcoal skincare.

●     Activated Charcoal (Bamboo)

The chief ingredient. Activated Charcoal helps in extracting deep-seated toxins and pollutants from the skin pores and gives the skin a refreshing look. Other charcoal skin benefits include a clearer complexion and reduced acne marks.

●     Aloe Vera extracts

A skincare combo remains incomplete without aloe vera. This popular skincare ingredient allows the skin to retain moisture for an extended period. 

●     Orange Peel extract

Orange peel is a good source of vitamin C and citric acid. When it is added to a charcoal skincare combo, it helps remove pollutants from the skin pores and gives the skin a healthy glow.

Charcoal Facewash Benefits

An important part of the skincare combo, the charcoal facewash provides one of the best treatments for your face. How does it add to the charcoal skincare benefits? Read on, then. 

●     Minimizes open pores

Charcoal facewash unclogs pores on your skin and reduces the number of open pores. It helps improve skin texture.

●     Soothes skin inflammation

Charcoal helps calm the skin with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and helps reduce blackheads and skin breakouts.

●     Softer Skin

Charcoal facewash is effective if you are looking for softer skin. The charcoal for the face is effective in scraping off dead skin cells, keeping it soft and supple.

●     Detox

Charcoal for the face is essential for absorbing the toxin from the skin. And due to this reason, it is used in various skincare combos as a detoxifying element.

●     Prevent skin breakouts

Charcoal facewash is highly effective in removing the excess sebum and germs that accumulate in the pores. Using a charcoal skincare combination aids in flushing out toxins and dissolving hardened skin.

Top ingredients of Charcoal Facewash

Here are a few major ingredients that make RAS’s Charcoal facewash a good choice.

●     Activated Charcoal

It helps in exfoliating the skin by absorbing the tiniest molecules of dirt and grime and reducing the chances of a skin breakout. When used in a charcoal combo, it helps reduce oils and soothe acne-prone skin.

●     Aloe Vera extract

It helps to rejuvenate your skin and reduces tan and excessive skin pigmentation.

●     Tea tree oil

Soap is another important component of charcoal facewash. And its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties make it a soothing experience for your skin.

Benefits of using Charcoal Combo

A charcoal combo goes a long way as a skincare combo due to its multifaceted benefits. We have listed a few for you.

●     Extreme exfoliation

The key benefit of charcoal on the skin. The charcoal skincare products, as discussed earlier, remove toxins and give the skin a fresh feel.

●     Hydrates Skin 

Charcoal for the body is ideal to provide a spa-like treatment. The charcoal deeply cleans the skin pores and enables the skin to absorb moisture more efficiently. So having charcoal skincare means that your skin stays completely hydrated.

●     Younger and fairer complexion

Another charcoal for the skin benefits is that after cleansing the skin, it tightens the pores and makes it look younger. Charcoal skincare products also control melanin production and give the skin a fairer look.

How to use the combo?

Before we get to charcoal facewash price or charcoal soap price we need to understand how we use this combo.

  • First Moisten your face. Apply a generous amount of charcoal facewash onto your face, 
  • Massage it for 2-3 minutes. 
  • Wash off with cool water.
  • Now if you are looking at charcoal for the body, then you will need charcoal soap.
  • Apply it to the body. Massage it in a circular motion.
  • Lather up and rinse off.

This charcoal skincare routine can do wonders for your skin. 

Who should use it?

The charcoal combo is best suited for the following people.

●     People with oily skin

This skincare combo is best suited for people with oily skin. Charcoal skincare helps to absorb the skin’s excess oil. 

●     People who stay mostly outdoor

People who spend long hours under external elements are most suited for charcoal skincare. It sucks away the impurities and also lessens the effect of prolonged UV exposure.

●     People with tough skin

Charcoal for the body is an effective treatment for those with tough skin. It reaches deep within the layers of the skin and nourishes and repairs it.

Why RAS?

Here is why Rasbold Charcoal Combo is a good fit for you. 

●     Within Budget 

The charcoal face wash price or the Charcoal soap’s price can be a bit much for someone looking to be within budget. RAS’s charcoal skincare combo is within reach for most individuals and offers value for money.

●     Everything natural

Each of RAS’s products, including charcoal facewash and charcoal soap, is made with completely natural ingredients. As a result, it is suitable for all skin types. 

And if you have never used charcoal skincare before, we ask you to take a plunge. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.


Q. How to use charcoal on your face?

A. You can apply charcoal to your face in form of charcoal facewash or Charcoal soap. Or you may use a charcoal face pack.

Q. Can charcoal reduce dark spots?

A. Its exfoliating properties cleanse the skin pores and reduce acne spots.

Q. Can charcoal brighten skin?

A. Recent research shows that skin products with 25% activated charcoal can lighten your skin.

Q. Is charcoal good for wrinkles?

A. Apart from reducing dark spots, charcoal helps in reducing wrinkles and signs of aging.

Q. Are RAS products good?

A. Every RAS product is GMP certified. It stands for quality and definitely at an affordable price. Not convinced? Just look at our Charcoal facewash price or charcoal soap price. You will get it.