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Have you ever bumped into someone in a crowded elevator with a soothing fragrance that cuts out the sporty scent of deodorant? Wondering what’s that lingering scent that feels like walking down a fresh meadow. Chances are that you have bumped into someone who swears by body mists. It’s a form of fragrance that has stormed the perfume industry. Body mists, as compared to perfumes, have a more pleasant smell and are easier on your olfactory senses. Apply them to pulse points and feel the fragrance linger for hours. 

Body mists for women can range from tropical floral delights to fruity fragrances to aromatic woods and many more. Now that we have been talking about natural fragrance, how can natural body mists be far behind? These herbal products, apart from their breezy smell, are also easy on your skin. The best body mists for women are often infused with natural ingredients like aloe vera, neem, tulsi, honey, and many more that are effective on almost every skin type. 

In the coming segments, we will discuss the body mist benefits, ingredients, and many more, so that you consider shaking up your fragrance wardrobe and why our Ras Bold Body Mist is going to be a good option.

Body mist benefits

It can well be a fact that you are split between perfume, deodorant, and body mist (if you are working on a budget). So we have prepared a few points for you to decide on.

●    Hydrate skin

Most natural body mists have ingredients that hydrate the skin and lock in the natural moisture. It’s ideal to apply body mists right after showering because the skin pores open up after bathing. 

●    A good night’s sleep

Body mists for women have a calming effect. Applying it to your pulse point just before you call it a day not only soothes your skin but creates a gentle stupor-like environment for you to sleep soundly.

●    After Workout

Rushing off to a meeting or a date just after a workout can be awkward. This is where body mist for the ladies comes in. Just a small amount is enough for you to smell fresh and free from body odors.

●    For Wardrobes

Clothing and garments that have been stored can sometimes smell funny. So before you stash away your clothes, spray some body mist perfume. It will help you keep your clothes relatively fresh.

Key Ingredients

Before zeroing on the best body mist for women it’s important to understand the key ingredients that can make a difference.

●    Aloe Vera

It’s hard to find a natural skin care product without aloe vera. Aloe vera body mist not only helps to moisturize the skin but also protects it from harmful weather elements. Apart from hydration, aloe vera-infused body mists work double time against skin irritations and sunburns.

●    Neem

Neem, with its antifungal & antibacterial properties, does not allow the growth of germs and other odor-causing microbes. It not only helps soothe skin irritations but also prevents skin breakouts and acne, making it a major body mists ingredient.

●    Daruharidra

Another top ingredient that has the makings of the best body mists for women. Its antiseptic property adds some extra gravitas to fighting skin diseases and wounds.

●    Licorice

It helps in soothing itchy & scaly skin and is mighty effective against hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Body mist with licorice can be used as a skin-brightening serum and can bless you with clean, glowing skin.

●    Haridra

It is generally effective against allergies and skin irritation, improving complexion & giving it a better glow.

●    Arjuna

Body mist for women with arjuna extracts becomes extra handy with advancing age. Why? cause it helps in cell regeneration and prevents the sagging of skin. And its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties give it an extra hefty fight against skin diseases and irritations.

●    Tulsi

Tulsi, with its antibacterial and antifungal properties, forms an important ingredient in long-lasting body sprays. Now club it with its healing properties, and you have a winner in hand.

●    Honey

Another natural body mist ingredient that not only replenishes the body’s moisture but protects the skin from sunburns and tanning.

●    Green Tea

Cool green tea not only provides relief against stress but helps to balance the sebum level, preventing breakouts in the long run. Green tea-infused body mists are also effective in keeping the skin soft & hydrated and leave behind a mild scent in its wake.

How to use it

Having the best body mist is one thing and utilizing its potential to the hilt is a different ball game. So, to make it a bit easier, we have listed a few steps just for you.

  • Take a long shower.
  • Spray on the body after bath and spray it uniformly
  • Apply your favorite body mist at least 4 inches away from the body (at pulse points like wrists, necks & beneath the ears).
  • For better results, layer it up with perfume or body lotion for a long-lasting fragrance.

Please note: It should be applied on body not on cloths

Who should use it?

Okay, now the question arises, should you buy it? Our take: yes, you should. Still, here are some reasons that will add steel to your belief.

●    Gym Freak

Natural body mists are best suited for those who swear by the number of sit-ups per day. If you are a fitness freak, just rub a bit of body mist immediately after a workout and hop on to your next activity without worrying about how you smell.

●    Till the next winter 

If you are a bit lazy about your winter linens, try spraying them with some of your precious mist perfume. Body mists for women are ideal for retaining that mint smell in your clothes even when you stash them away for the long winter.

●    Just about anyone

Okay, we are running a bit dry now. Just say, do you need some reason to smell good? No, no? Then scoot to the shop section now.

Why RAS?

Okay, if you have decided to buy body mist for women and go natural, then why don’t you try Ras Bold Body Mist? Not convinced? OK, let’s go through some points.

●    Completely Natural

Each of Ras’s products, including the aloe vera body mist, is completely made from natural ingredients under the guidance of ayurvedic experts. Each of the processes is guided by the Ministry of Ayush.

●    100% Herbal

Each ingredient is sourced directly from the plants and is completely cruelty-free. The products are dermatologically tested and free from harmful chemicals.

●    Budget Friendly

We have kept the product budget-friendly. After all, we want you to look and smell the best.


If you are still reading this line, then we can safely say that we have truly got your attention and you are interested in being part of this fragrance revolution. We won’t drag this out this long. Go to the shopping section and add a mist to your cart now. 

Till then, TA TA!



Q. Why should we use body mist?

A. Bodymists apart from making you smell good add moisture to your skin and soothe it from irritations.

Q. Can I use body mist on clothes?

A. Yes. It can help to retain freshness.

Q. Which is better mist or perfume?

A. If you are looking for a more delicate and lighter smell then mist is the one for you.

Q. Are Ras’s product good?

A. Our products are GMP certified and are produced considering the best possible industrial stands.

Q. Are body mist good for the skin?

A. Yes, they help to hydrate skin and soothe it from irritations.